Working purely in porcelain, I design and create tableware and jewellery that is special to hold and a pleasure to use.

Learning to throw pots was a long held ambition; I find the meditative action of throwing and trimming as enjoyable as the resulting piece of work. I delight in the feel of the clay between my hands and the smoothing and refining that sees the emergence of each piece.

When I am creating jewellery, many pieces come to life in the design stage, when I explore the interplay of shape, space, materials and colour in order to create a functionally satisfying end result.

What matters most is the piece I am making at that moment. I invest time in each one, focusing on under-stated details that wait to be discovered by the hands that will hold them. All my pieces have a pleasing weight and tactile coolness that will absorb body heat when held and used. I intend that once a piece has been picked up, it’s hard to put down. I embrace the Japanese view of wabi-sabi and aim for pieces to be unique, not uniform. I am struck by how often people find a particular piece that speaks to them.




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